Contemporary Homes in The Hamptons

For over 40 years, Jeffrey Collé has specialized in designing and building custom, luxury homes in The Hamptons. During that time, he has worked and created lifelong relationships with many distinguished clients including Donna Karan, Alec Baldwin and Billy Joel. His work is characterized not only by his exquisite Old World craftsmanship, but also by his use of superior, custom materials that are hand crafted and hand selected from around the world.

While Jeffrey Collé is renowned for the traditional, Old World style and Old World feel of many of his designs, he has worked in recent years to incorporate a contemporary look into specific home designs at the request of select clients. By working with interior designers known for their contemporary style, he has been able to find his own take on modern home design. His contemporary homes incorporate simple, clean lines, large windows and a minimalistic look and feel. Jeffrey has taken these typifying modern design elements and combined them with the same high quality, hand crafted detail work featured in his more traditional home designs, creating a uniquely elegant look.

Each home designed and built by Jeffrey Collé is customized to match his client’s idea of the perfect luxury home in The Hamptons. By choosing to combine the perfect mixture of Old World and contemporary home design elements with his signature craftsmanship, Jeffrey has been able to match the personal preference of each of his clients in a way unmatched by other designers.

From Quogue to East Hampton, Jeffrey Collé is known for his ability to marry the utmost in artistry with the finest in technology. He and his building force are uncompromising in their commitment to quality, even innovating new methodologies that allow them to bring his vision of your perfect luxury home to fruition. If you are ready to begin your journey toward the perfect Hampton Estate, Contact Jeffrey Collé Today.