Elements of Distinction

As the paragon of quality design and construction in the Hamptons, Jeffrey Collé has chosen to consistently combine inimitable interiors with exquisite exteriors to create homes that are truly a haven from the winds and storms of life. His signature traditional style sets each of the homes and estates he designs apart from their less distinguished counterparts, and he routinely chooses to use beautiful, enduring materials and finishes to create homes that are custom-crafted to last for generations.

By utilizing Old World craftsmanship Jeffrey is able to incorporate traditional features, using unrivalled materials that defy comparison to contemporary facsimiles. This allows him to create custom homes that are unmatched anywhere in or out of the Hamptons. The custom materials he chooses create unmistakable elements of distinction that fundamentally set his homes and estates apart. Painstaking details are hand-crafted by Jeffrey and his building team, creating a home that is a bastion of comfort and beauty in a world that is far too often harsh and distasteful. You’ll find that this type of detail work is rarely found in homes today.

These distinctive elements can be found in every aspect of your custom home: every floor, every ceiling, every wall, and every design element. It is Jeffrey’s belief that by using only the highest-quality materials in every facet of construction and combining them with the very best in construction methods, your home can become an enduring legacy that future generations will be able to treasure.

Creating real luxury requires using the absolute best materials and methods from inception to completion. It is a simple truth that it is in the details that you find true excellence, so please take time to explore some of the elements Jeffrey uses to create his homes of distinction.

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