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Jeffrey Collé’s Homes in The Hamptons

At the East End of Long Island is a collection of villages and hamlets that make up the towns of Southampton and East Hampton. The area is most commonly referred to as simply “The Hamptons,” and has historically been home to a variety of agricultural and fishing interests. Even today, the area is still home to many operating farms. Adding to the pleasantly pastoral ambiance are three commercial vineyards conducting business in the area. Over the years, the Hamptons has become a year round retreat for the affluent and socially prominent population of New York City and nearby states.

Jeffrey Collé has become the preeminent design-builder of luxury homes and estates in the Hamptons. In this pursuit, he has fought to preserve the historic and pastoral setting prevalent throughout the area, choosing to create stunningly beautiful estates that feature expansive lawns, gardens and orchards, often adjacent to large reserves of undeveloped land.

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Each of the luxury homes he has designed and built in the area feature his classic, traditional style. Whether you encounter one of his characteristically Old World style homes or one of his more contemporary home designs, you’ll find that his painstaking attention to detail can turn a simply nice home into a true treasure that can be enjoyed for generations.

By using the very best in hand crafted and hand selected materials from around the world, Jeffrey is able to construct homes that are fundamentally different from other offerings in the area. This is because he understands that true quality means using only the best materials and methods throughout the construction process. While he always enjoys the challenge of creating a custom home for clients who want to begin with the purchase of an Estate Home Site, he also understands that others may prefer to simply purchase a luxurious Hampton home.

The Pond House

East Hampton Waterfront

Beechnut Hill


18 Main Street

Wainscott, N.Y.

David’s Lane